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How to Get Rid of Rats in your Chicken Coop

How to get rid of rats in your chicken coop

sliding doors in chicken coop

Minnesota Coop - BackYard Chickens Community

Chicken coop made from pallets

Chicken coop made from pallets

The Homestead Survival | Re Purposed Swing Set Chicken Coop DIY Project | Homesteading & Chickens

Re-purposed trampoline to a chicken tractor! Hmmmm....maybe Big Daddy could add wheels!

Re-purposed trampoline to a chicken tractor!

"build it yourself" PVC chicken pen

Pictures of a "build it yourself" PVC chicken pen

Cool Coops! ~ A Circular Coop {tutorial} -- Community Chickens

Cool Coops! ~ A Circular Coop -- Community Chickens

chicken coop from a pallet

So why is this wire mesh attached to my pitchfork? Because I've turned our chicken coop into one big litter box. After doing this for the last year or so, I can easily say that this method is a winner. I added a 2-inch layer of coarse sand to the bottom of the coop and use my "pooper scooper" to pick up the poop. And the coop doesn't smell! That's half the battle in keeping critters away. Once a year, clean out all the sand and start over and you're good to go.

Chicken Coop

Chicken Tractor: portable chicken coop to roll around your yard

HENSAFE - Great automatic chicken house door openers. I love these as they can be set to open and close the pop hole either by light levels, on times or manually, with everything in one box. No add need to buy any add on extra's. Also made in the UK.

chicken tractor ground gap solution

Chicken Tractor Ground Gap Solution

Bird netting and S hooks…keeping both my chickens and I very happy.

How to Keep Chickens Out of Your Garden: Part 2

DIY Chicken Coop Corner

$40 DIY Chicken Coop | The Design Eye

To prevent rodents from chewing on your hens' feet at least, replace your roosting bars with 2x4's with the 4" side facing up. This way the chicken's feet are not exposed - covered by their bodies from the top and the board on the bottom. Having a wider roost also prevents frost bite, so a wider roost is recommended regardless. (Chickens don't necessarily need to curl their feet like wild birds when they sleep, and actually prefer to sleep flat-footed)

Dog Kennel converted to a Chicken Coop

Dog kennel coop- how to make door area predator proof?