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Surprise your kids with a Walt Disney World vacation with a magical message in this autograph book!

Photos & Memories
  • Heather Alt

    14 people in my family went to Disney in 2007 and me, my sister and 4 cousins were all told with autograph books a week before we left!

Hitchhiking Ghosts Pumpkin Pattern! #halloween #waltdisneyworld #jackolantern

A toddler centered Disney World trip plan

A toddler-centered Disney World trip plan

20 Top Restaurants at Walt Disney World.

Top 5 Places for Family Photos with Memory Maker at Walt Disney World! #vacation #tips #tricks

About Memory Maker | Walt Disney World Resort
  • Beach Comer

    Make reservations and eat at The Crystal Palace and you find it perfect! My son and I went once and there were only four people around! ;-)

  • Selina Boyles

    If you book an early character breakfast, you can get a pretty clear shot on Main Street -- and get a head start on the rides towards the back end of the Magic Kingdom when you're finished. We got to ride Aladdin's Carpet ride three times in a row with no line after breakfast.

  • Amanda Coleman

    Or use photoshop to remove all the background people.

  • Michele Clauser

    I love almost all my photopass pictures - esepcially since my trip included a free memory maker package so I have been enjoying all the extra shots.

  • Terri Stancil

    Mike Brown - don't go in the March to October month. The week after Thanksgiving week is the best time to go.

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Safety tips for your Walt Disney World vacation starring Timon and Pumbaa!

Home - Disney Wild About Safety

Click to learn about Epcot International Food & Wine Festival at Walt Disney World!

Top 5 Character Breakfasts for little ones at Walt Disney World! #vacation #tips #tricks #DisneyKids

  • Angela Schmidt

    Thank you for this pin! I had no idea O'hana had the character breakfast and switched my suprise reservations over. I do bdlieve my mother is in for a real treat :)

  • Renee Payne

    Garden Grill should be on this list!! Our favorite!!!

  • Christine Towler

    I love this graphic!

  • Kathleen Wolfe

    Garden Grill hasn't had a character breakfast in about 10 years. I miss it, it was awesome! What's missing on this list is The Crystal Palace. :)

Must See Movies Before Your Visit to Walt Disney World! Helps kids to enjoy the attractions so much more.

23 Must See Movies Before Your Visit to Walt Disney World

How to surprise your kids with a Walt Disney World vacation!

Top 5 Walt Disney World Character Experiences for little ones! #preschool #DisneyKids #Mickey #TinkerBell #Rapunzel #Ariel #Goofy

  • Marianne Raroha

    Jennifer - Ariel's Grotto and many other character meet and greets can be done through fast pass. Plus, if you time things right, you won't have to wait very long at all for certain things. We saw every princess (except Anna & elsa) and nearly every other Disney character and I don't think we ever waited longer than 30 minutes.

  • Erin-and Ducote

    We did chef Mickey, the castle, the princess breakfast, Donald's safari breakfast. Elsa and Anna were the new characters that my daughter finally got to meet, she has 2 autograph books of characters

  • Robin Howard

    If you plan right and use fp+ you will not have to wait in lines. We visited in the summer and saw elsa, Anna, Ariel, Belle, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, daisy, Pluto, chip, dale, and lots of others at Cinderella's castle. We didn't wait over ten minutes for any.

  • C O

    We've done all character meet & greets through meals. Crystal Palace, Chef Mickey's, Be Our Guest (at dinner)- we did lunch & no Beast but kids still loved the Castle, Princess dining @ Epcot & Donald's Safari @ Animal Kingdom. Not Fast Passes wasted & killed 2 birds w/one stone! Working out beautifully. We are on Day 3.

  • Jennifer Lance

    When we went we noticed the Fast Pass kiosk we are doing it next time!!!

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Top 5 Attraction Photos at Walt Disney World! Imagine having your magical vacation moments captured—with everyone in the picture!

  • Corrina Struzick

    Cannot wait till Oct .. so excited for my family to finally get there. :)

  • Edie Makse

    Soarin, Expedition Everest, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Dinosaur, Rock n Roller Coaster!! Will be going soon and can't wait to check out Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride!

  • Kevin Starr

    Love 'em all!! Got my Memory Maker package for my September trip!! CAN'T WAIT!!!

  • Xochitl GarciaKlapproth

    As an intern I got to ride space mountain with the lights on in 1987 !!!! LOL ... I wasso excited to see what it looked like!!! LOVED it!!!

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How to surprise your kids with a Walt Disney World vacation!

Disney Parks Product | Pins | Collectibles | Disney Store

How to surprise your kids with a Walt Disney World vacation!

Photos & Memories

5 Coolest Water Slides at Walt Disney World Resort! #Olaf #Frozen

Orlando Water Parks | Walt Disney World Resort

Ways to save at Walt Disney World Resort! #vacation #tips #tricks

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Learn the ins and outs of FastPass+ with our FAQ Part 2! #waltdisneyworld #tips #tricks

MyMagic+ | Walt Disney World Resort
  • Katie Ellen

    Sharon you can set them up online using a computer. Once you are in the parks you can add new fast passes at the kiosks. Instead of using a smart phone you will just have to go to one of the fast pass kiosk. Just came home and the lines really weren't bad at the kiosks. Especially when you think that you would have spent the same amount of time crossing the entire park to get to your next attraction just to gather the fast pass!

  • Jessica Allgire

    Sharon you will need to register online for a my Disney experience, you can add and manage all the members in your party together.

  • Sharon Renfro

    Thanks, Katie and Jessica !! Appreciate the help! :)

  • Kelly Nacson

    We are arriving next month but have bought military tickets at a base... Do I have to wait until I trade them in at a ticket counter at a park to utilize the fastpass option?k

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How to surprise your kids with a Walt Disney World vacation!

Disney Parks Product | Clothes | Disney Store
  • Sarah Bauer

    My grandma surprised my siblings and I with a Disney vacation on Christmas by giving us all boxes. When we opened them up, the first thing we saw was a Disney World T-shirt. Then there was a little toy plane (how we would get there; we'd never flown before). Then there was a gift card. Finally, there was a scrapbook. That helped explain why we got a bunch of summer clothes in the middle of winter!

  • Heather Alt

    The first time my parents took my sister and I, they woke us up super early one morning and gave us a letter that my mom had written but wrote it as if Mickey Mouse was writing it inviting us to spend spring break in Disney World!

Harris Sisters GirlTalk: Disney World Tips and Tricks - Freebies

Harris Sisters GirlTalk: Disney World Tips and Tricks - Freebies

How to surprise your kids with a Walt Disney World Vacation!

Disney Parks Product | Luggage | Accessories | Disney Store

Special Offers from Walt Disney World

Special Offers & Deals | Walt Disney World Resort

Learn the basics of FastPass+ with these FAQs from Walt Disney World!

MyMagic+ | Walt Disney World Resort

    having fun at disney!

  • Ann Sullivan

    Can't wait to go back some day

  • Chris Davis

    WARNING!! You CANNOT add new FP until you use ALL THREE of your existing ones! That means, if you set up FP for rides in the afternoon, (say 3, 4:30, and 5 pm), and arrive when the park opens, you cannot add any fastpasses until 6 that evening. If you use FP to book an evening parade or fireworks, you can't add ANY new FP. It looks good on TV, but the new system definitely is not quite as good as the old....

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Check out these Special Offers from Walt Disney World! #vacation #tips #tricks

Special Offers & Deals | Walt Disney World Resort

5 tips to keep your electronics charged during your Walt Disney World vacation! #tricks #powerline #goofymovie

My Disney Experience | Walt Disney World Resort
  • Andrew Hallett

    They've made a lot of improvements and updates to the app and it works much better now!

  • Gina Senecal

    Haven't yet had a problem over several trips now.

  • Betsy McLaughlin

    My phone won't stay connected to the wifi-

  • Elizabeth Marsh

    Haven't had any problems with my iPhone 5s. Did sit at Cosmic Ray's on the floor by the bathrooms to charge it though. Lockers were taken. There was an outlet inside of the tequila bar in Mexico at EPCOT - but 2 kids were using it and not even eating or drinking anything. Seemed to be the new fun thing to do next to finding "Hidden Mickeys" - finding "Hidden Outlets!"

  • Maureen Feerick Danforth

    I was there in mid July....the app was horrid. I hope they have improved it in the couple of weeks since I tried to use it. I have a friend there now and he is having the same issue. I have and android and he has an iphone and we both had the same problems.

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