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As these challenging and creative workouts show, the treadmill can be a much more valuable part of your active life than just an acceptable substitute when you can’t get outside.

5 Fun Treadmill Workouts

Say goodbye to those saddlebags and hello sexy legs with this workout routine!

Fat, Sick, Nearly Dead, 2010 (dir. Joe Cross, Kurt Engfehr) : movies in 4 frames

Work your abs, hips and butt with the Vertical Cross Crunch exercise.

Zumba is an awesome way to get your cardio in. You can burn anywhere from 500 calories and up and it's so much fun you don't even realize it's exercise until it's over and you have the great sore feeling. Love it!

Life With 4 Boys: 5 Free Zumba Videos Online

Shrink Your Belly in 14 Days with that ball you had to have and never use!.