Christmas Party Game idea Finally something other than plain, old White Elephant! Trade gifts with... -the person who has the longest hair -the person to your right/left -the person whose gift wrap has the most red on it -the person with the smallest/biggest gift -the person with the biggest smile -a person wearing green/red -the person whose birthday is closest to Christmas... etc.

Now I know what to do with all those old balls! A friend of mine made a fantastic one with small glass ornaments we collected at garage sales:)

Free printable Santa bingo cards.

If you get invited to any Christmas parties with white elephant gift exchange - here you go for your idea!

OUTDOOR CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. Use a tension rod between front door jams to hang Christmas garlands or ornaments without any nails, staples or adhesive. Wrap in ribbon and battery powered lights. Would be useful to hang wreaths between window frames......DUH! Why haven't I thought of this sooner!

I *will* be replicating this look this Christmas season! I've never even thought about using my garden hanger in the winter time! :)

My Creative Corner!: Elf Kisses

These crackers *pop* when opened and have toys and prizes inside.

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