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Everything in your house should be chin restable if you have a pug.

bobdoom: "Look at these skinny bitches and the impossible standards they create for girls like me."

"You watch us pee, we watch you pee. Hey, aren’t you going to scratch the ground after you’re done? No?…weirdo." (SR)

"Shut the door and don't bother me. I've got to catch up on my stories."

"Why am I wearing a bow tie? It's after six. What am I, a farmer??"

“Omg something touched my leg in the water! What was that?!"

Rosy’s frenzied dance whenever she sees her favorite antidepressant commercial with a dog in it

Bah Humpug: That Time of the Year! (Be afraid. Be very afraid.)

The standoff continues - pug v. unicorn pinata

“What are you doing with that phone??… No! Don’t take a photo of us snuggling!" (SR)

I've opened up a Bah Humpug Zazzle store with posters, shirts, mugs, etc.! Here's one of the items in my store.

Bah Humpug: Happy Mother's Day to mothers of all kind!

Bah Humpug: A (Pug) Wrinkle in Time

Bah Humpug: The Many Faces of Pug 2

Shhhhh don’t speak! (SR) You had me at "hello".

This is one of Sunny’s play stances. She’s inviting Rosy to come play and run around like crazy.