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5 Reasons Social Media Marketers Should Do a Deep Dive on Google Analytics - crucial information when it comes to your social media marketing strategy. The following are five important things you can learn with the right Google Analytics setup beyond how many visits your website receives.

5 Ways to Stop Cutting the Brown Grass in Social Media Read more: 5 Ways to Stop Cutting the Brown Grass in Social Media | PRBreakfastClub - REALLY GOOD ARTICLE, suggests stearing away from ROI and use strategy

Salesforce Pushes Social CRM Technology –But Don’t Expect Companies To Be Successful With Tools Alone

Is Social Media Marketing Measurable? The Big Debate. - Real life examples, associates measuring other SM factors with ROI.

5 Categories of Social Media Measurement - Full Frontal ROI ---- Enticing title, connects ROI with exposure, influence, etc. Part of the SOCIAL MEDIA ROI DEBATE

Report: The Rise of Digital Influence and How to Measure It | Social Media Today --- social media measurement related statistics

Human Media Metrics – Measuring Human Interactions on the Web --- More about what to measure, assumes knowledge about topic but does not assign ROI effects.

8 social media metrics you should be measuring - Insight into what can be measured besides ROI regarding social media measurement

Arbitron Report: The ROI Growth in Digital and Social Media This report gives stats regarding Social Media. You should be interested.

ROI vs. "Impact on X": Impact is not ROI - Get it straight. This video is awesome! All about the Social Media ROI debate. There is no formula.

Social Media Predictions for 2012

Social Media ROI - Measuring Results vs. Activity. Also comments on the SXSW Social Media Measurement panel - "What's so [Bleeping] Hard about Social ROI"

Radian6 - The most trusted social media analytics site. Credit paid.

Evolution of Social Media Metrics - Awesome concise explanation of where we came from and where we are in Social Media Measurement. Great links within.

2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report - STATS on Social Media out the wazoo! Highlights: Top 10 Social Media questions marketers want answered, How much time marketers invest, top benefits of social media marketing - exposure, most used social media tools and services, Marketers’ future social media plans, Activities social media marketers are outsourcing

How Marketing Executives are Adapting to Online Tools - Current Effect of Social Media

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