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This board is a showcase of some of the best examples of Flat Design for Mobile Apps and Web Design.

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  • Kenneth Runge

    If you are a paying customer/artist (like me and many other) you would like to see statistics, comments etc for the tracks you have uploaded (like you were used to in the previous app). But this is no longer available. Notifications also disappeared. Also many paying customers/artists have private tracks on their Soundcloud, either for demo purpose or to hand out to select people, these private tracks are also not available anywhere using the new app.

  • Kenneth Runge

    Furthermore when I tap the user icon on the bottom screen I expect to enter my profile to play and see my own tracks, but no, there's only "Likes" and "Playlists" ?! To get to my own tracks/uploads and will have to click on the 3 little dots in the top right corner and then on "Your public profile". Also not good UI/UX. For normal users you can't no longer comment on tracks, which I and many others use a lot. The message inbox is also not available in the new app.

  • Kenneth Runge

    When it comes to the player it self it took me a very long time to figure out you had to hold and drag you finger on the waveform to fast forward/backward and I tested this with a few friends aswell and most gave up and didn't expect the player to stop when putting the finger on the waveform. This is terrible UX/UI in my opinion, when one of the main functionalities is so hard to figure out, and I would consider myself an advanced user.

  • Kenneth Runge

    So if you just wanna play tracks then it's probably fine, but for users who were used to do more this update sucks and a clear example of not listening to what you users are saying. Sorry for all the comments, but Pinterest doesn't allow more than 500 characters pr. comment.

  • Rubén Beltrán

    Wow Kenneth, you really are a pissed off client!!! :) Still disagree with your opinion on the UX side, but I think you are right on the client side. Anyway, I don't think this is the proper forum to discuss this.

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