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the essential belt // everlane

Gotta love a good boob tube. AKA my bra.

Nael Coce – The Convertible Stiletto - Ambi Platform. Young (working on her PH.D in Chemistry)  crafted a convertible high heeled shoe with a built in ballet flat. Not only are these heels stunning but eco-friendly. Made from natural fibers which are non-toxic, these shoes are light weight and hypo-allergenic. The removable ballet flat in-soles are beyond genius with odor-resistant and anti-microbial qualities.

Can I have the last 3 issues of Kinfolk Magazine for my birthday pls?

Debating doing this. Like ASAP. Would cost a pretty penny but it's as extreme as I'm willing to go right now...thoughts??

My one and only wedding-ish related pin. Rough around the edges but still gorgeous

JORTS. all day erryday.

I could make magic happen in this dress.

Wearing this to Bonnaroo. Fingers crossed...

A really handsome man I know bought me a pair of these for Christmas. I wear them on the reg.

Yesterday I bought a cable knit from Goodwill. This is how I will wear it with my Anthro maxi.