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This is why I love my Job:)) This email I got from Marilyn is one of my most favorite responses I've gotten from a client. You just have to read it. Have a blessed day and here's to reaching all your life goals and inspiring others to do the same!!

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"292 Days into my personal goals without missing a day of some form of workout, conditioning, or flexibility training. When I reach the 365 day mark I'll be posting my own before and after! A long story short 2 1/2 years of business development become grossly out of shape and but I can say the advancement I added to my already leading program is now a leader worldwide. 292 days ago I decided now it was time for my physical transformation to a level I've never been. I'm about to be 39 yrs old.

START - USE - DO I first like to thank Xandyn my 2 yr old son for letting me use his picture...LOL START WHERE YOU ARE. Yes that is right, start where you are! Many times people start where they want to be or where someone else is. This is just disastrous. As it relates to fitness NOT starting where your true level is will always cause failure, burnout, or...... go to for more GO CRUSH IT! Checkout my website @

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The TRIFECTA to LIFE long SUCCESS in any fitness GOALS Checkout my quick explanation in my interview here: These 3 crucial components are foundations in my program. The correct approach is plain ole common sense! So you inspiring exercisers be careful and research short term and long term aspects of a program you are choosing to do. You professionals out there. Educate yourself every week of the year! Stop looking at franchises to design your methods.

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COMMITMENT... All or None Too many times I hear the irritating phrase "I want to start getting in shape, BUT...." The "but" is what stops those from reaching any goal. When it comes to becoming healthy, losing weight, or any fitness goal the only legit excuse is you don't really really want it. All other reasons are just delays. Ask yourself this question. Has anything you ever started in your life been something that wasn't new to you?? Of course not, right. Every journey, project, skill was at one time the "first time". What made you successful was your total commitment to the task at hand. Anything you didn't commit to are probably the things you still give excuses for. Homework (separate want you really want from what you actually don't want). If you don't then this clutter can be what is actually stopping you. First, make a list of top 5 goals that you have not given 100% commitment to. Eliminate the ones that you are really not serious about because it will waste your and others time. Now that you have the ones you really want, write out steps you are going to commit in reaching those goals. Remember the only way to feel good about and reach a goal is to take a real action towards it. Now Go Crush It!

What Standards do you put upon yourself? Setting rules and standards are important in the process of being successful and too many times not done! Those standards give a guide in your path. To be able to have these important rules take effect in your life you must actively think of them, say them, commit to them, and then take action DAILY! Use this contract (I encourage you to write a new more extensive one) and then... Read it... Sign it... Take Action! mailto:wmfitness....

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