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Goat Carts

Washington Rural Heritage librarians recently stumbled upon the genre of photo postcards depicting people (usually children) posed in a small cart, drawn by a unlikely animal (typically a goat). Apparently around the turn of the 20th century into the 1920s, traveling portrait photographers would use a goat cart as a mechanism for soliciting business.

Boy and Girl with Goat Cart :: Clark County Historical Museum Photograph Collection

Parade Float :: Clark County Historical Museum Photograph Collection

Child in a toga standing in a wagon decorated as a Roman chariot, and pulled by a sheep, ca. 1905-1915. This is probably a participant in a children's parade. #PhotoFriday #ORhistory

File:StateLibQld 2 242645 Young boy with a goat cart on a Mount Isa street, ca. 1936.jpg


Dog cart from the Bernardi Family Photo collection, via @Oregon State Library. #GoatCart

Denison children and goat cart, 1929 :: Garfield County Heritage: www.washingtonrur...

Another twist on goat carts: angry racing goats and beer! An Old Anheuser Busch Bock beer advertisement.

Haystack - A sepia-toned photograph of Evelyn Colgate seated in a child's cart pulled by two goats. She is holding the reins, wearing a straw hat and holding a doll for the journey. She is about 6 years old.

Children in festival costumes with Angora goat pulling a cart. #goatvet

2 can pull one #goatvet

Goat carts in literature! From "Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm," by Alice & Marvin Provensen.

Also not exactly a goat cart, but an odd twist on the goats-and-transportation theme.

ca. 1865, [albumen portrait of a young boy with a goat], J.B. Gibson

Nutfield Genealogy: Goat Cart Update

Jack's Father and Grandparents with Goat Cart by Photo_History, via Flickr

Little Harold gets a ride.

Elisabeth and Dorothea: 1914

Goatmobile: 1922

At the Zoo: 1904

Goat Boy; see comments

Billymobile: 1917

Goat Cart: c. 1915; see comment 'Got your goat.'