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The Iniciatic Well, Entering the Path of Knowledge - Regaleira Estate, Sintra, Portugal

Zwembalkons in Mumbai. Each room has its own pool

Wadala Tower, Mumbai, India

Longest water slide in the world at 135 feet!..... talk about a "grungee"... or the suit maybe be up around your neck when you get to the bottom! LOL

The most expensive house in the world...One Billion Dollar House in Mumbai....27 floors

Laburnum arbor - blooms the end of May.

The reason Xuankong Si was built so high above the ground may be one of practicality – defense against marauders or protection from floods. The more romantic version is that the Monks were dedicated to silence and so high above the ground they might achieve this ideal. It is now largely a tourist attraction but caretakers are said to still live in its caves and halls. #architecture #house

Uh oh... Amazing site the has TONS of ideas for each room in your house. WARNING: If you thought Pinterest was the most addicting site, think again.

Marked $4,000 retail, but on sale for $1,999.. that bowl must be gold plated!!! Crazy!!!