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Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty

Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty

Our putty is a gypsum-based powder that becomes very hard mixed with water, never shrinks and has great strength. Many use it to fill holes and cracks in wood,

The Giant Red Maple Bonsai was made with copper wire and Durham’s wood putty. A BIG thanks to Brae for the tip on using Durham’s, I had intended to fill with clay, this saved me days of work.  The green tree is by Model builders supply. I lost count of how many leaves were punched, let’s just say hundreds.

Taylor Baldwin, "Ghost blight" (detail), 2011, extinct heart pine and burnt wood harvested from the site of a murder/arson, white plexiglass, brass screws, polyurethane, ratchet straps, urethane plastics, reassembled pallet, Durham's water putty, colorant, antique flooring nails, cardboard, ivory, polystyrene, shellac primer, motorcycle battery, automotive LED lights, electrical cord, alligator clamps, newspaper, acrylic paint, colored pencil and gouache on cast plastic

Bowling ball finger holes filled with Durham's water putty, prime with oil based primer to seal, paint black, add red wings, and dots and drill holes for antenna. Use copper wire and wooden beads (12 gage copper wire and 1" beads)

Flower pot

Mosaic wine bottle, then turn into a table top torch!

Christmas wreath ornament is cast in a common candy mold with Durham’s Water Putty and then painted. A magnet or wire hanger (such as a paper clip) can be inserted into the back of the casting before it hardens. #Durham’s #Durhams #WaterPutty #ChristmasOrnament #ChristmasDecoration #RefrigeratorMagnet

New Peteena head mold Made from Durham's water putty. Harder than plaster, doesn't chip or erode down with use. Doesn't get chalky. This stuff is new to me and I'm trying it out. I like it so far.

Birdhouse with decoration using Durham's water putty

Birdhouse with decoration using Durham's water putty

A picture of a skeleton mold sent in by Durham's Water Putty user, Heather!

A picture of a skeleton mold sent in by Durham's Water Putty user, Heather!

Durham's Water Putty - excellent product -Rock hard. Plastic repair material in powder form; to be mixed with water. Will not shrink. Can be used on walls, floors, furniture, woodwork or plaster. Hardens in 30 minutes. Can be colored or painted.

Ronald Feldman Gallery www.feldmangaller... objects cast from blister packaging and custom molds Durham Rock Hard Water Putty, polymer, steel and auto paint 4 x 96 x 138 inches

How to make a miniature planet from Durham's water putty. Visit this site for how-to instructions: solipsistgaming.b...

Miniature thatched roof huts using Durham's water putty. For how-to instructions visit: solipsistgaming.b...

Shuffleboard refinishing - spot patching those dings and chipped wood. Durham Water Putty used to patch the dings & dents.

A piece of 150+ year old trim repaired using a custom cut scraper and Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty