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uKloo Riddle Treasure Hunt Game -- great for thinking and problem solving!! #summerslide

Get Your Kids Thinking with Riddles - Imagination Soup

A great list for putting together a family game collection that will keep everyone laughing.

Teach your little engineers to create the strongest structure they can! Test their building by putting some weight on it. What makes a construction extra sturdy?

Find out how to make Exploding Milk in vibrant colors. My kids were amazed! from

Scavenger Hunt Clues - How to Write Scavenger Hunts. This website is amazing! Indoor, outdoor, kids, adults, ... creative ideas for every kind of scavenger hunt you could think of.

Scavenger hunt clues for around the house

puzzle scavenger hunt clues printable

Scavenger hunt clues for kids around the house. Fun rhymes, riddles, rebus puzzles and more treasure hunt ideas!

Scavenger hunt clues for pre-readers. Great for hiding birthday gifts. Our girls love finding their presents this way. Scroll down down past the four leaf clover clues to find the "everyday" clues near the bottom. :-)

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Six different types of scavenger hunts to send bored and restless kids on - each can be modified a hundred different ways so the possibilities are endless. So great for the witching hour!

{Gumdrop Sculptures} I did this with my two girls and they had a blast. Of course we had to test the flavor of each color.

The FLOUR game! Another pinner said "grew up playing this game almost every family night. we LOVED it! I haven't remembered it for years until seeing here on pinterest!" This looks like a fun tradition to start.

45 Things to do with Food Coloring - a pop of color makes everything more exciting doesn't it?!

homemade slime - simple 2 ingredients plus food coloring

masking tape indoor games -hopscotch, bulls-eye bowling, tic-tac-toe, guard the eggs, long jump, balance beam