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Stand With Starbucks

Starbucks is under attack for supporting marriage equality. Help thank Starbucks by pinning a picture of your drink cup to Pinterest! And join us in thanking them at

We may be Washington United for Marriage, but we've got supporters all over the country. Any guesses which city this mocha was posted from?

Starbucks is facing a boycott for supporting marriage equality. Show them that you stand with them by pinning a picture of your Starbucks cup -- with a thank you note!

Stand with Starbucks!
  • Belinda Briscoe

    I worked for Starbucks for over 3 years and the whole not supporting troops is BS! I had a vietnam vet who spend 6+ hours in my store everyday because he didn't have any family and we had became his. My store also regularly sent care packs. Maybe some employees didn't support what was going on but you can't lump ppl together

  • Belinda Briscoe

    Also I'm a Christian and believe in equality. If you don't want to call it marriage fine, but everyone is entitled to the same liberties.

  • Isa Giordano

    @Belinda I know they do and thats very sweet of you guys

  • EnGAYged Weddings

    Thank You Starbucks!

  • Lola C

    Yay Starbucks!:)

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