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Bruce King

Bruce King is an acclaimed post-impressionist painter who originally hails from the Oneida Indian Reserve in eastern Wisconsin. He first came to Santa Fe to attend the Institute of American Indian Arts, and has lived and worked here ever since. Along with Indian artists like T.C. Cannon, Kevin Red Star and Fritz Scholder, he has elevated Indian art from curio to fine art.

Bruce King, Bruce King

"Warriors In An Impressionistic Setting" #art #southwest #horses #impressionism #warriors

Andrée Hudson, Andrée Hudson

"Pause-High Noon" #art #southwest #horses

Andrée Hudson, Andrée Hudson

Bruce King's "Echoes of the Hunt" is up for auction at Waxlander right now! Click the image to read about our call-in auction. is up for auction at Waxlander through February 2nd! Click the image to see the starting bid. #art #fineart #painting #arttovisit #gallery #painter #artist #artalive #lifeofanartist #supportart #artbeat #modernart #contemporaryart #santafe #newmexico #new_mexico #santafenm #canyonroad #okeeffecountry #newmexicotrue #southwest #auction

Early Snow of Winter Camp by Native American artist Bruce King is a stunning example of his unique style. See him paint live during the Canyon Road Paint Out on October 20th from 10-3 in front of Waxlander Gallery. #SantaFe #Art

Bruce King starts canvases by applying great splashes of paint and working with the resulting cascades to tease out bright, fluid landscapes. Then come the Indians on horseback, definite forms who meet their hazy surroundings with weary awe. Bruce’s “Life Rhythms” is up at Waxlander now and until Aug. 27.

Roll with the Punches, Flow with the Paint

Though the pass has filled with snow, these "scouts" keep moving on their journey under magical trees. Bruce King's work will be on display until Aug. 27 at Waxlander Gallery.

Bruce King’s paintings are of a world that we have lost. They are a loving relationship between the people and the ecosystem with their journeys highlighted in different places and spaces. "Life Rhythms" is now on display at Waxlander Gallery!

"In a Time of Tranquility" shows a gentler side of painter Bruce King. His subjects usually huddle against the elements, but here they approach a hopeful springtime green that peeks over the horizon. Come see his one-man show "Life Rhythms" at Waxlander on August 14th! #SantaFe #NewMexico #art

"In a Time of Tranquility" shows a gentler side of Bruce King. His subjects are often huddling against the elements, but here a springtime green peeks over the horizon. Come see his show on August 14th at Waxlander! #SantaFe #NewMexico #fineart

"Early Snow of Winter Camp" by Bruce King. His one-man show "Life Rhythms" starts on August 14th. Come see it at Waxlander, the #SantaFe #NewMexico #art gallery!

#Indian riders dance out rainbows of color in Bruce King's "Parlay." Come see Bruce's "Life Rhythms," starting August 14th at Waxlander. #santafe #newmexico #fineart

Isn't "Tatonka" pretty wild? Bruce splatters and drips paint across the canvas, and then steps back to find out what it's telling him. "Let the paint run, and then see what you can see." #santafe #newmexico #fineart

Bruce King's "Life of the Autumn Moon" casts his #Indian subjects into a world of elemental ferocity. They huddle against the cold and marvel at their surroundings with weary awe. #santafe #newmexico #fineart