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Lunar Lion

The adventures of Penn Staters shooting for the moon ... and the Google X prize.

9/4/14 -- Lunar Lion X Prize Team officially opened its new headquarters this week, bringing together the work of everyone who will put Penn State on the moon.

JOIN THE TEAM -- Penn State students aim for the moon in a team called Lunar Lions. You can join this group landing a privately-funded spacecraft on the Moon.

Twitter / KaraLMorgan: Played with chalk pastels all ... | Our Lunar Lion crew includes some chalk artists, too! Multitalented students at Penn State make us so proud. During the Arts Festival in State College and University Park, some Lunar Lions chalk painted the Penn State Lunar Lion Team logo. Looking good in blue and white!

Most Impressive Students At Penn State - Business Insider -- including Kara Morgan, Penn State Aerospace Engineering major, joined the Lunar Lion team with a lofty goal of making it to the moon by December 2015

1/6/14 -- Penn State Lunar Lion Team completed its first test of cryogenic liquid bipropellant rocket engines at the Penn State Applied Research Laboratory's high-energy test facility. *** WARNING: Be prepared for a loud sound when the engines fire in this video!!! ***

With an entire university infrastructure behind them, the Lunar Lion team plugs away in preparation for their 2015 launch. Alwin Paul and the Structures Subsystems team work on some of the metal framework for the spacecraft in the Learning Factory, Penn State's hands-on industrial and design lab. A Lunar Lion student design lead tells us a little about his experience on the team and his goals.

Team member Kara Morgan works on our rocket test stand.

Penn State Lunar Lion Members Ajeeth Ibrahim and Michael Policelli(left) stand with three Penn State Alums, all of whom work as Flight Directors in NASA Mission Control! Go PSU!

Thank you, Santiago de Chile, for hosting the 2013 Google Lunar XPrize Conference.

From inside the Lunar XPrize 2013 Conference location. To the moon!

Aerospace Engineering graduate student Ajeeth Muhamad Ibrahim of Penn State University presents during the Lunar XPrize Conference in Santiago de Chile.

Attendees of 2013 Google Lunar XPrize Conference

Attendees of the 2013 Google Lunar XPrize Conference

3-D printed model of spacecraft being designed by the Penn State Lunar Lion team.

Team member Kara Morgan (Penn State aerospace engineering freshman) examines a 3-D printed model of Lunar Lion spacecraft.

The audience listens to team leader Michael Paul at a recent meeting in Steidle Building.

A closer look at the 3D-printed module.

Lunar Lion Team Leader Michael Paul talks about the 3D-printed model of the prototype Lunar lander and Lunar transit rockets to president Rodney Erickson (with coffee cup) and other Penn State advisers at a recent meeting in Steidle Building.

Penn State Lunar Lion team member Alwin Paul works with a quadcopter assembly during a propulsion team meeting. Story and photos: