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April Fools' Day Lessons and Activities

Teachers: Celebrate April Fools' Day in the classroom with these creative lessons, activities and crafts.

April Fools activity...students can have their classmates write on their pretend casts. A great way for kindergartners to practice their writing skills and sight words.

Best Classroom April Fools Day Pranks | 360 Education Solutions

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This unit contains activities that correlate to this great book by Marc Brown! It includes: Beginning/Middle/End, Vocabulary Matching, Nouns-Singular and Plural, Adjectives/Nouns/Verbs, Sequencing Events, Writing Response and Comprehension Questions. Answer key is provided.

Arthur's April Fool Book Unit

Following Directions Activity: Great for April Fools' Day

Following Directions Activity: Great for April Fools' Day |

This April Fools' Day, amaze your kids with the latest scientific breakthrough: presliced bananas! When they peel one, they'll find the fruit inside is already cut into bite-size pieces. Ingredients Ripe banana (one with a few dark spots works best) Needle and thread

Fern's Freebie Friday ~ Mathbooking - April Fools' Day Journal Prompts by Yvonne Crawford A Math Journal is a great way to promote your students' abilities to learn and grow through words, numbers and even drawing. Print and cut out as many prompts as you need for your students. Then, have your students paste them into their math journals.