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Halloween Costumes for Teachers

Check out the creative submissions to our 2012 Halloween Teacher Costume Challenge!

Anyone who doubts the commitment of teachers should visit a school on Halloween.

Art Projects for Kids: A Positively Negative Pumpkin

Art Projects for Kids: A Positively Negative Pumpkin

Adult Halloween Flower Pot Costume... This website is the Pinterest of costumes

Adult Halloween Flower Pot Costume

Homemade Jellyfish costumes - clever!

Jellyfish Costumes

Such Cute Teacher Costumes: Purplelious, Pinkalisous and Goldilisous

Miss Smith's 1st Grade: Book Character Dress Up

The characters from Toy Story!

The Cat in the Hat

Robin from Kimberly B.

Angry Bird from Lyzajo J.

Geisha from Carrie K.

Effie Trinket from Janet K.

A friendly viking from Kristina H.

"Sista Kate" from Kate K.

Pan Am stewardess from Lucy G.

Robber and a sack of money from Emily S.

Confetti the Cowgirl from Tammy D.

Dr. Dunbar from Tammy D.

Pink Ladies from Katie L.

Katniss from Amy S.

Dementor from Amanda M.

Flappers from Amy K.

Teacher Barbie from Bonnie H.

Pond scum from Lisa F.

Eminem from Jill F.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs from Pati R.