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Lights In The Sky

The Northern Lights! I love looking for them. This board will likely grow. Hope so, anyway.

~~The aurora borealis lights the nights sky in Alaska's Brooks range, arctic, Alaska by Patrick J. Endres | AlaskaPhotoGraphics~~Wow, the curves are amazing.

Northern Lights, Arctic Alaska |

Milky Way, The Moon, and Earth in One Photo. Bit of a trifecta, you ask me.

Milky Way, The Moon, and Earth in One Photo - Daring Planet

Aurora November 9, 2013 near Wasilla, Alaska. Words fail to describe everything we perceive.

The clouds make for a unique configuration.

Thunderhead Cloud! No, it’s not an explosion or anything. That is just a cloud, looks amazing though. It’s called Thunderhead Cloud or a Cumulonimbus cloud, and the color which you can see in, is because of the sun rays falling through it. !! BULLSHIT! IT'S THEM! THEY'RE COMING TO STEAL OUR WATER! Or, it's just a really kewl cloud. You decide.

flitterling: Northern Lights, Alaska, by Carl Johnson. Wow! Some very unusual colors in there.

Out of this World

Aurora Borealis in Iceland. This one is an official "WOW!"

Aurora lights

The aurora borealis, northern Sweden.

~Beautiful World~ — The aurora borealis, northern Sweden.

What a beautifully stunning display. Perhaps the most beautiful on this entire board.

Aurora Nick Selway - lava-light-galleries

Aurora lights