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Daily Squee: Snuggle Fest

“Some are in need because they are untrained for work--some because they cannot work, because they are too young or too old, blind or crippled. Some are in need because they are discriminated against for reasons they cannot help. Responding to their ills with scorn or suspicion is inconsistent with our moral precepts and inconsistent with their nearly universal preference to be independent.” –President Kennedy, February 1, 1962


Added sugar hides in lots of foods. Read the label! Or just refuse to eat PROCESSED!

I Refuse

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Inspiring video - NEVER GIVE UP! And a reminder that we at E2 believe in you. ~ Beautiful man, beautiful story! *wipes tears from eyes*

Anderson Cooper To Rush Limbaugh: 'You Might Try The Gym From Time To Time' (VIDEO)

You've read Fallopians, right? ...I think it follows Collisions.

I loved Hollie Hobbie, too