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8.21.14 - Best Dog Shaming Photos11

14 of the Funniest Dog Shaming Photos Ever

The face of a defeated dog… Caught eating "dog chocolates."

The face of a defeated dog…

Dog Shaming - I sneak under the fence. Mommy you are SMART!!

That’s a smart move…

Dog shaming

Dog shame

Dog Shaming - I stole this ball from the little kid next door

Don't leave your drinks unattended.

2c14c366f1047cc4dc593b0a5198b7a0 - Mommy Has A Potty Mouth

I don't like to run with mom. faked leg injuries, cost lots of $ in vet bills..

Dog shame, dog shaming

My roommates cat, Cat shaming =] -Kimmy Ross

Best of Cat Shaming

What a surprise!