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Non-Fiction books

A collection of our favorite non-fiction books for children. Read them for free on and give a book to a child in need for each book you read.

Free at Last! Introduce your kids to Martin Luther King, Jr. on

Free at Last! - Read | We Give Books

Help your child through a new experience. Our New Baby on

Follow fish, birds, and other wildlife on extraordinary river journeys on

Explore a kingdom where the real dragons roam. Reptiles on

Find out how to keep teeth clean and bright on

Prowl into the wild and exciting world of big cats on

Read about fun things you can do in the park!

Travel to the Sahara with a real-life archeologist on

See how a doctor can tell you are healthy: Visiting the Doctor on

From the wheel to the space shuttle, this book shows how inventions have developed through the years.

Invention - Read | We Give Books

Skate! follows the progress of a beginning skateboarder as he advances from basic moves to more exciting tricks and jumps.

DK Readers: Skate! - Read | We Give Books

DK Guide Savage Earth is a remarkable account of our planet's structure and the process that shaped it.

Take a journey through a coral reef with Fishy Tales on

Family Vacation lets the very youngest readers join a family on an exciting vacation.

Learn Earth Smarts and share books with children around the world:

Studies show that babies who use sign language throw fewer tantrums. Learn Baby Signs on

We start life as baby apes, but how do we turn into the gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, and gibbons that live in the jungle? Turn the pages and watch us grow!

Discover little lambs, fluffy chicks, baby zebra foals, and more, as your child learns all about baby animals.

Snakes Slither and Hiss introduces young readers to snakes.

Discover monster trucks, tankers, excavators, and more, as your child learns all about trucks and diggers.

Read See How They Grow: Pony on and donate a book to a child who doesn't have one.

Some animals have clever ways of keeping themselves safe from predators: Animal Hide and Seek

Discover huge and gentle plant eaters, and small and fierce meat eaters, as your child learns all about dinosaurs