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Non-Fiction books

A collection of our favorite non-fiction books for children. Read them for free on and give a book to a child in need for each book you read.

From the wheel to the space shuttle, this book shows how inventions have developed through the years.

Invention - Read | We Give Books

Skate! follows the progress of a beginning skateboarder as he advances from basic moves to more exciting tricks and jumps.

DK Readers: Skate! - Read | We Give Books

DK Guide Savage Earth is a remarkable account of our planet's structure and the process that shaped it.

Savage Earth - Read | We Give Books

We start life as baby apes, but how do we turn into the gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, and gibbons that live in the jungle? Turn the pages and watch us grow!

Discover little lambs, fluffy chicks, baby zebra foals, and more, as your child learns all about baby animals.

Some animals have clever ways of keeping themselves safe from predators: Animal Hide and Seek

Animal Hide and Seek - Read | We Give Books

Discover huge and gentle plant eaters, and small and fierce meat eaters, as your child learns all about dinosaurs

Let's Look: Dinosaurs - Read | We Give Books