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Myths, Misconceptions, & Stigma

We're setting the record straight this month. Let's pin anything related to myths, misconceptions, & stigma -- and combating each and every one.

Scleroderma on the Fly Episode 3: Typing - How I type

Congratulations to Sara Ringer, the winner of our Myths Mugshots Photo Contest! Sara started a new community called the Sick Girl Beauty Vlog to teach sick girls that they can be beautiful despite living with an ugly disease. Her videos bring both humor and beauty to chronic illness. Check out the interview we did with Sara to learn more about the mission behind Sick Girl Beauty Vlog and be sure to subscribe to her Youtube Channel

WEGO Health, Health Activist create their own myth mugshots. | Migraine is a genetic neurological disease, NOT a headache. | #mythmugshot #health #contest |

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That's BS! Gabrielle at WEGO Health calls BS. The general approach in healthcare and medicine today is on the "cure." The cure is usually in the form of medication/surgery/etc, but there is so much we can do to keep ourselves healthy (preventative care), and there is more out there than just drugs, and integrative care is often more effective when searching for a diagnosis, as well as maintaining overall wellness. #thatsBS #health #patients #communities #cure

WEGO Health, Health Activist share their myth mugshots. | I have chosen 'Hidden Disabilities do exist' as there are still people who believe that even though a person looks well there can't be anything wrong with them - which isn't the case for a lot of disabilities including neurological conditions, mental illnesss and many more. | brainlesionandme.... #mythmugshot #health #contest

Upon diagnosis, it can feel like this is your new reality. Doctor’s appointments, online research, telling family and friends…suddenly you’re slapped with a new label: [your condition]. You are not your diagnosis, and your diagnosis doesn’t mean you stop being who you are. It is a new part of you, and though it may alter your lifestyle, change your relationships, and the things you learn will shape who you are and how you view the world - it does not define you. | #mythmugshot #health #contest

When patients have access to the tools that they need to educate themselves and don’t settle for anything less than the best possible care - patients change healthcare. There is a wealth of information and support available in the online health community - but you have to take the initiative to seek the information and be willing to reach out for support. Every time you speak out about your experiences you improve yourself as a patient and Health Activist. | #mythmugshot #health #contest