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Zoo Animals - A to Z

I really don't like the old fashioned zoos. Too small, too crowded and society put animals in unnatural, uncomfortable cages. Newer zoos are trying to put animals in compounds resembling their natural habitats, yet still maintaining accessability to the public to study and learn about these animals from other countries. But, the best zoo is the photo zoo. Edited 30 Nov 2013

G is for Gorilla - c Detlef Knapp

buzandi by Detlef Knapp | 500px

M is for Moth - Comet Moth (Madagascan Moon Moth) - Argema mittrei - This species of silk moth, native to the rainforest of Madagascar, is of the family Saturnidae. It is one of the world's largest silk moths, having a wingspan of 7.87" (20 cm) and a tail span of 5.9" (15 cm) - Image : © Bright Nepenthe 2010

G is for Giraffe - Albino Giraffe

40 Amazing Albino Animals Pictures

H is for Hawk - Albino hawk

M is for Moloch - What a cutey - the thorny devil lizard or Moloch - features a spiny "false head" on the back of its neck, and the lizard presents this to potential predators by dipping its real head. The thorny devil's body is ridged in structure, and this enables the animal to collect water from any part of its body. That water is then conveyed to its mouth. Sometimes seen standing in a puddle of water sucking it through it's feet and then licking it's lips.

C is for Chameleon - Veiled Chameleon upload.wikimedia....

A is for Armadillo - ARMADILLO GIRDLED LIZARD Cordylus Cataphractus ©Trevor Hardaker

J is for Jeroba - Long eared jerboa www.emporiumengla...

S is for Spoonbill - The fog provides a perfect backdrop for this guy's epic wingspan! Look at all the details captured in the feathers! (Photo: Michael Rosenbaum)

A is for Ayam Cemani breed (Rooster)

C is for Chameleon - Veiled chameleon