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Animals ♥

ADORABLE Animals that will make you say 'Awwwww'


if the shoes fit.. #daschund #dog #shoes

Snow leopards, magnificent, no matter what age.


Rose-breasted Cockatoo, Australia (by zoom_eric on Flickr)..these birds are so soft so beautifull. .I love them.

How is this a real animal!! So cute and wise! Arctic Fox by SeraD

These animals are so spectalular! Wouldn't want to meet one face to face though.

When baby hedgehog is born, his spines are covered by a layer of skin, and are still very flexible, so they won't hurt the mother. These spines, contrary to popular belief, are not poisonous, and they are like fell, but are very hardened with keratin.

peaceful eye

Black Bear_Alaska Expedition_2012 by XplorMor, via Flickr

Black Panther with Cub ❤

You know you can call her at ANY time of the day and she’ll pick up. | 18 Signs You Have The Best Mom In The Entire World

She bakes your favorite treats ever, just because. | 18 Signs You Have The Best Mom In The Entire World

"Cats come and go without ever leaving." --Martha Curtis

how to train your human ~ Bella has read, perhaps even written this book!

3 week old Priya, a new baby Asian Elephant, at the Saint Louis Zoo, who made her public debut on May 22nd!

DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT LET THIS WOMAN NEAR AN ANIMAL!! YOU MUST SHARE! This picture appeared on FB as DO NOT ADOPT TO THIS PERSON. Goes by name of Lexi Williams. Offers to adopt or foster dogs then uses them for fighting! BE ON THE LOOKOUT!

Oh Grumpy Cat - I still love you! | Grumpy Cat Has The Worst Day At Disneyland Ever

I'll take the first watch.

Mommy bear waking kids up for school!!!

Sometimes, #Animals In #Captivity #Simply Wish For Freedom. Come See The Photos That Will Impress You