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WiFi Hacking Earns Crazed Neighbor 18 Years In Jail

  • Jesse Brown

    Whoa!! You said it ! To weird! I guess aliens have landed!!! Lol!!! Wouldn't want to meet this guy in a dark alley. WHEW!!

  • Tom schriber

    This is what happens. When you have a love triangle. Between brother and sisters. And a clown. Ha!

Woman Delivers 'Stone Baby' After 60 Year Pregnancy

Woman Breastfeeds Baby While Riding a Motorbike

  • Kelsey Durham

    lol would of been something I did back in my breastfeeding days lol back when you and Aj were babies when I still rode bikes :)

  • Pia Hayes

    Awesome work! Good on you xx

"A man named Ken Morrish picked an apple off a tree in his garden and could not believe his eyes because the colors were split; one side red and the other green. Horticulturists believe that these colorings are the result of random genetic mutations and in such rare cases, the red side is usually the sweeter one because it has been exposed to more sunshine during its growth."

Is this even legal

Japan’s Schoolgirl Fetish Goes to Unimaginable Extremes

Chinese Woman Pulls Crazy Stunt to Avoid Being Impounded

Chinese Teen Accidentally Uses Semen As Facial Moisturizer

Anastasiya Shpagina 3

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Chinese Man Living with Massive Hole in His Head

Japanese Ladies Restroom Prank Sure to Terrify Slephantine floor-to-ceiling head, nicknamed “TenChi,” creep toward all who visit the ladies's lavaratory in Ten and Chi, in the Lemina Building in Shinjuku, Tokyo. As the heads approach the comode the blare a maniacal music and nonsense vocals.

What are you doing Konrad?!

Fake walnuts in China. Perpetrators remove the nut’s true meat, replacing it with a lump of concrete and gluing the shell shut. To further foster the “nut illusion,” much care is taken to wrap each cement lump in paper so as not to arouse suspicion.

I'm at a loss for words.

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