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Just what is normal, anyway? "So, it makes sense that when you feed a human infant the milk designed for a baby cow, the baby will behave more like a calf than a human: he sleeps long and deep, going longer between feeds and being quickly sedated by them. And in our modern world, these have become desired traits in our young, as we no longer graze with our babies clinging to our chests and we have many more activities in daily life than other primates."

Ramblings: Just what is normal, anyway?

Allaitement / Breastfeeding

Allaiter et l'alimentation pour bébé, des informations à considérer pour allaiter

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Breastfeeding in public

Breastfeeding Around the World

Africa | Karo woman breastfeeding her baby, with the Omo river in the background. Omo Valley, Ethiopia | ©Gilad Flesch

Muslim woman breastfeeding in public. Stock Photograph by Andrea Matone

As another woman is ordered to stop breastfeeding in public, Sally Peck asks why in a country where men regularly urinate in the street do we have such a fear of breastfeeding?

Pink breast feeding her daughter. Have loved pink for years and this photo makes me love her more !!!! One of the most beautiful shots of her I have ever seen !

Marvelous Kiddo: daguerreotypes on breastfeeding Schlesinger Library Radcliffe Institute Harvard University

c. October 7, 1930, Bednarka, Poland: A woman nurses her child while other women stand around her. Photographer: Hans Hildenbrand National Geographic Society/Corbis