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data-breach - costs and other outcomes

The Costs of Data Breaches and Hacking

Samsung was the most popular brand on social media in 2013, according to Starcount, which compiled social data to come up with its top 10 list.

The Facts Behind Google Author Rank & Authorship [Infographic] - Internet Marketing Inc

  • Anne Beekman

    Interesting but I question Google's belief that popularity = credibility. Misinformation and even outright hoaxes can become incredibly popular, while a researcher using scientific methods may not get a lot of hits. Most academics still publish in specialized journals and not online.

  • Wendy Flanagan

    Anne you are so right! I just researched a company yesterday whose marketing team has frontloaded Google with videos and reviews that start with headlines like "spam" "complaints" "warnings" and then rework the copy to put the company into a positive light. As long as Google continues to promote marketing over fact, the search space will never be an open place for research or credibility. That said, since the ranking is loaded, it is of necessary benefit to my clients to do what I can to rank their credibility over others. Let's not give Google over entirely to the hoaxers and big corporate marketing budgets!