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Info on tree guilds and why you should plant them to support your fruit trees.

Home made biochar. Photo by K.salo - why you should definitely use this in your soil, and a how to make it

Biochar! The verdict is in: it works. And you should do it.

West Indian Gherkins: The Best Pickling Cucumber - Organic Gardening - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

West Indian Gherkins: The Best Pickling Cucumber

Heavy-duty wire fencing, also known as hog panels, can be arched over an existing garden bed to create a simple, cheap greenhouse frame in a jiffy.

Use Hog Panels for a Greenhouse Frame

Permaculture - Micro Forest Gardening. Designing a Food Forest for Small Spaces. Great for Urban Homesteading and Farm

Designing a MicroForest Garden

Permaculture is... working with the forces of nature rather than against. Isn't it obvious that this is the only way forward?

Blue Hubbard Squash

Blue Hubbard Squash - Heirlooms

"Laying a hedge" is the 2,000+ year-old method of chain link fencing, except the fence is alive. Some hedges alive today in the UK were laid before the Dark Ages! "A living hedge not only keeps livestock fenced but also prevents soil erosion and water runoff. Living hedges are good wind blocks and snow collectors as well as habitat to birds, insects and small mammals. " The photo shown is a freshly laid hedge.

How to grow Raspberries and Blackberries when to prune/transplant/fertilize! e.g.: "Raspberries use a lot of water, especially when bearing. About 1 1/2 inch of water per week and more during hot weather. Watering is most critical from the time the fruit begin to show color until picking has been completed."

How to prune a young apple tree. The first five years sets the architecture of your new tree. This is an excellent tutorial. Prune fruit trees in late dormancy - January through March - here in the north (southern Minnesota). Thank you to Useful Plants.

Squash vine borers - "we put yellow bowls with water in them, around the squash plants, because the borers go for the color apparently and drown themselves." I'll have to collect some yellow bowls from thrift stores for next year.

Squash Borers | Centex Cooks

Starting an Orchard: Apples, Cherries, Peaches, Plums and Pears Learn where to plant your fruit trees, how to prune them, harvesting techniques and more.

Starting an Orchard: Apples, Cherries, Peaches, Plums and Pears

How to train a kiwi fruit tree into an espalier trellis or arbor.

Planting kiwi & pruning kiwi

Backyard Orchard Culture | Dave Wilson Nursery (high density fruit tree planting) Pruning at the same time as thinning the crop is strongly recommended. By pruning when there is fruit on the tree, the kind of wood on which the tree sets fruit (one year-old wood, two year-old wood, spurs, etc.) is apparent, which helps you to make better pruning decisions.

Backyard Orchard Culture | Dave Wilson Nursery

Tree Guilds: A combination of multi-functioning plants around a fruit or nut tree or shrub to be mutually beneficial [Comfrey shown].

Design for a densely stacked, urban forest garden! Reminds me of techniques from the Holyoke Edible Food Forest.

Edible Forest Gardens author Dave Jacke is coming to Australia

Spring Time Garden And Back Yard Ideas – 25 Pics

Spring Time Garden And Back Yard Ideas - 25 Pics