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Did You think about Growing Pumpkins for Halloween? These pumpkin growing tips will help you to grow many delicious pumpkins. Learn about planting pumpkin seeds, varieties and how to keep a pumpkin plant healthy.

Growing Pumpkins - How To Grow Pumpkins In The Vegetable Garden

Deer-proof Apple Trees: I did this last spring in my deer infested field and haven't had a problem since. Fencing is laid in two sections around a fruit tree. The tree can be watered, fertilized, sprayed and harvested with the wire in place. It really works!

Straw bale Greenhouse - Simplify Save

Straw bale Greenhouse

DIY Greenhouse Underground A trench runs down the middle of this DIY greenhouse for any climate. Farm and Garden - GRIT Magazine

DIY Greenhouse Underground

HELVOLA Water Lily (Dwarf)- Helvola is a truly hardy water lily that thrives in colder climates.



DENVER White WATER LILY, buy white water lily

CYNTHIA ANN Water Lily (Small)


Caring for a water garden.

Making A Pond in a Pot

rustic garden, morning mist

Front Yard Sidewalk-Garden Ideas: Make the Most of Your Space. A sidewalk garden doesn't have to take up a lot of room. This is a great by bettye

Garden Pallet Fence ~ Great for Small Gardens or Perhaps Share with a Neighbour

Garden wall ideas

Hubby and I made this frame out of 2 inch plastic irrigation piping attached to metal 'star' pickets. This size pipe fits snuggly on to the ends of the pickets, sliding easily over.

Fruit Tree Bird Net Frame

Comparing my garden to others, yeah, I do that. Where would any of us be without inspiration? It’s good to enjoy the Art of the Possible. But don’t chase someone else’s garden as your goal. Sure, take ideas and incorporate them, and seek out the info you need. But do try to prune out those anxiety-forming comparisons and perfectionism.

{Reader Question} Help! Garden Anxiety!

Jane Says: Make Room for Birds and Butterflies in Your Garden- Even dead trees are useful: Their nooks, crannies, and hollows provide nesting opportunities, shelter from harsh weather, and an insect smorgasbord for birds. As for leaf litter in the yard, leave it be. Those decaying leaves are paradise for the centipedes, crickets, and earthworms that birds love; some species of butterflies overwinter as eggs and chrysalides in them too. If you have a brush pile in the corner of the yard, that’s great; some bird species will hunt, roost, or nest in it.

Jane Says: Make Room for Birds and Butterflies in Your Garden

Pyramid plant support for pumpkins and other sprawling fruit. This will keep vines off the wet ground

Lilacs - Pruning and maintenance I haven't trimmed our Lilacs ever. Add it to my to do list.

Lilacs - Martha Stewart Home & Garden

Garden with Creative Edges, lovely Astilbe

Building wattle step by step - Forgotten Ways Farm

Pine Wattle Fencing, Ducks, & a Recipe

~Indestructible Tomato Cage with PVC. You could spray paint the pipe to blend in. So much prettier than the wire cages~

Take an old cloth soak in cement water, drape over a stand and leave in the sun to dry. Paint and you have beautiful plant holders

Draping Fabric as Hypertufa | The Hypertufa Gardener

▶ reverence for bees - water station for the little gals

use kreg jig

DIY Queen Platform Bed

Simple garden fence

Always a Project: It's the Inside that Counts

~MYRTLE GENTRY, 1925 Often called the most fragrant peony of all, ‘Myrtle’ opens pale pink with hints of cream and apricot before maturing to a lovely white.