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How to grow Raspberries and Blackberries when to prune/transplant/fertilize! e.g.: "Raspberries use a lot of water, especially when bearing. About 1 1/2 inch of water per week and more during hot weather. Watering is most critical from the time the fruit begin to show color until picking has been completed."

pruning training grape vines how to

KSU Viticulture Canopy Managment

How to prune a young apple tree. The first five years sets the architecture of your new tree. This is an excellent tutorial. Prune fruit trees in late dormancy - January through March - here in the north (southern Minnesota). Thank you to Useful Plants.

Squash vine borers - "we put yellow bowls with water in them, around the squash plants, because the borers go for the color apparently and drown themselves." I'll have to collect some yellow bowls from thrift stores for next year.

Squash Borers | Centex Cooks

Starting an Orchard: Apples, Cherries, Peaches, Plums and Pears Learn where to plant your fruit trees, how to prune them, harvesting techniques and more.

Starting an Orchard: Apples, Cherries, Peaches, Plums and Pears

How to train a kiwi fruit tree into an espalier trellis or arbor.

Planting kiwi & pruning kiwi

A Coming-Out Party For The Humble Pawpaw, Native Fruit Darling : The Salt : NPR

A Coming-Out Party For The Humble Pawpaw, Native Fruit Darling

Backyard Orchard Culture | Dave Wilson Nursery (high density fruit tree planting) Pruning at the same time as thinning the crop is strongly recommended. By pruning when there is fruit on the tree, the kind of wood on which the tree sets fruit (one year-old wood, two year-old wood, spurs, etc.) is apparent, which helps you to make better pruning decisions.

Backyard Orchard Culture | Dave Wilson Nursery

Tree Guilds: A combination of multi-functioning plants around a fruit or nut tree or shrub to be mutually beneficial [Comfrey shown].

Design for a densely stacked, urban forest garden! Reminds me of techniques from the Holyoke Edible Food Forest.

Edible Forest Gardens author Dave Jacke is coming to Australia

Spring Time Garden And Back Yard Ideas – 25 Pics

Spring Time Garden And Back Yard Ideas - 25 Pics

pallet planter..pinned to "It's a Pallet Jack" by Pamela

Alys Fowler - The Edible Garden (UK Show, found on youtube) She's all about growing useful/edible flowers, vegetable, & fruits.

Set the stage for tasty strawberries, blueberries and brambles with these soil-boosting garden tips.

5 Ways to Prep Soil for Better Berries - Hobby Farms

Home Pickled Cornichons {Recipe} - Harmonious Homestead- I started with Parisian Pickling Cucumber seeds from Seed Savers Exchange. Last year the plants grew a little and produced just enough cucumbers for a single jar of cornichons before rust withered the plant away.

Home Pickled Cornichons {Recipe} - Harmonious Homestead

These are Parisienne Cornichon de Bourbonne cucumbers (see? fancy!), seeds purchased from here, whose sole purpose in life is to be made into cornichon pickles.

Cornichons (and a Very Passable Paté)

Three Sisters | Plant corn in a circle for better pollination. Eight seeds around each circle. Use 5 gal. bucket to mark. In dryer climates make a well in the middle to catch the water.

Three Sisters | Sweet Domesticity

Pear babies are growing on trees in China, with the help of plastic molds.

Pear Babies Are Growing On Trees In China

DIY blueberry cage - "Made with 1/2" PVC tubing and 6 T-connectors. Make sure the connectors angle out away from the base of the plant at a 45 degree angle to give it it's round shape.... It is held down with T-bar stakes. It is easy to turn the stake and remove it for picking..."

pop bottle greenhouse by John@Fairleyforge, via Flickr