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Sustainable Homes

“What is the use of a house if you don’t have a decent planet to put it on?” ~ Henry David Thoreau


Less Is More: The Tiny House Movement

Solar Financing: Options for Homeowners Infographic — Solutions Journal Summer 2014 — Medium

Solar Financing: Options for Homeowners Infographic

Tiny Houses, Tiny Neighborhoods - from Natural Life Magazine

Tiny Houses, Tiny Communities - Natural Life Magazine

Hemp is perhaps best known for its Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids that make it a great addition to a healthy diet, and as a cotton substitute in ecologically-sound clothing and bedding. (Not to mention its distant cousin marijuana!) But hemp is also a versatile, environmentally-sound building material. From Natural Life Magazine

Hemp for Houses - Natural Life Magazine - green family living

Interview with a woman straw bale builder

Biologic Architecture: A Home Inspired by Nature - full PDF as it appeared in Natural Life Magazine, including spectacular photos.

Is a yurt part of your future plans for a simpler, more sustainable way of life? - what you need to know, from Natural Life Magazine

Ecoterra net-zero energy house - This Quebec house is designed to produce as much energy from solar and geothermal as it consumes. From Natural Life Magazine

Building Green in the Great White North - Building-integrated solar heating in the Riverdale Net-Zero House, Edmonton - from Natural Life Magazine

A Dome For a Home - all about the different types of dome houses. From Natural Life Magazine's archives

Renovate your home, naturally - tips for undertaking flooring and painting projects in a healthy, environmentally-friendly way. From Natural Life Magazine

Green Home Renovations - Natural Life Magazine

California Installed More Rooftop Solar in 2013 Than Previous 30 Years Combined

Adaptive Reuse Versus Demolition

Boneyard Studios: an urban village of tiny houses that models what a tiny house community could look like.