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Wedding coming up? Spring break? Just want to make your friends jealous? The Emergency Workout is designed to help you slim down FAST in just 8-weeks. Super intense workouts with a lot of variety help you make serious progress in a hurry.

@fitnessphysiques photo: Follow her for more fitness motivation @stephmahoe @stephmahoe @stephmahoe

@dianefus photo: Back to some basics today! It is my experience that most of the athletes coming to me for technique tune-ups have their grip in closer than where Id like to see them. This is understandable because the closer grip is a stronger grip and feels more stable overhead. If performance is your aim, however, then having the grip positioned so the bar can hang at the proper level will allow for quicker transitions and better leveraging.

@hautepinkss photo: Love this pic. The hardest pushups ever! AND, the girl next to me is pregnant! #Crossfit

@aviva313s photo: Team Pangie! @avelez24 and @mpiafreile are doing awesome!

@thelaurakopels photo: The body hears everything the mind says.

@leahpetersfitness's photo: "A nice progress pic! From before prep until today...13 days until show day:) I was lean before prep, 117lbs, 12% body fat, 5'5, eating 1800-2200 calories a day....COMP PREP DIET: has been 1500 calories a day, 2 low carb days(75g NET carbs) and one regular carb day (120ish NET)cycle...increased cardio...cellucor hd fat burners....I haven't checked my bodyfat but it's gotta be freakin low lol. I love my new body :) weight is 112.5lbs today 😳low as hell but I look f...

@fitnessphysique's photo: "@missleeann_ @missleeann_ @missleeann_"