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Media's response to Merida's sexuality in "Brave." Because any teenager who won't do an arranged marriage is definitely a lesbian. Definitely.

[Self-portraits by Carrie Mae Weems, Käthe Kollwitz, Judy Baca, and Frida Kahlo, text “Never apologize for selfies”] Wanted to get modern women artists and some WOC up in this one. If you reblog it would be cool if you kept the part in the brackets so these artists, two of whom are still working, will get credit—this conversational part below is nbd. gorgonetta.tumblr...

I won't lie, when people tell me I can do whatever I want I have the strongest urge to say 'Duh' and keep going ...but that would be rude

wearing revealing clothing does not mean one doesn't respect their self

As the mother of a bossy girl...I totally agree.

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Altering your vocabulary to exclude harmful terms makes the world a more enjoyable and safe place for you and the people around you and also it is not very hard trust me I did it and I don’t do much.

"FYI (if you're a teenage girl)" by some online mom. Thank God she came down from her pedestal to share with us young girls the right way to use social media so we won't be responsible for her sons' sexual thoughts. So weird.

  • Velvet Papillon

    I find it ironic that she posts pictures of her sons that fit the description of the ones she is getting onto girls for posting.

  • J R

    The double standards are everywhere, definitely.

"Sadly, so many of our young girls are super fans of Justin...too bad he isn't a super fan of them."