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Sexy Feet

  • 1forU

    I hope people are taking notes!! These?, are one of the best examples of what TRUE "pretty/BEAUTIFUL" feet are & should be!! From her perfectly proportioned dainty/not too skinny stair step toes & feet, to her delicious skintone?, this woman was blessed with AND has taken care of, some WONDERFULLY talented feet! Her "soldiers" are so straight & look SO delicious?!, they should be worshipped EVERYday! And if she were "my" lady?, her feet would constantly be in either two lap or my....mouth!! (And I'm not crazy OR eeeeeeeven ashame!!! Again's about waaaaay more than "the polish"!!!, you have to have the "talent" TO polish, in the 1st place!!! Hope I'm able to meet this beautiful specimen of a woman. (Praying until AND after!!) Thank you for the lovey view, lady! :-)!!

  • Carolyn Norman

    beautiful in everyway.....

I ALWAYS wear black polish on my toes. If not black, any dark shade: navy, red wine color... Love the toes rings too

Sexy toes

World of feet, Sexy toes

Sexy toes

World of feet : Photo

Sexy toes

Fuschia pink wedding shoes. Maria, I know you don't want to tower over your groom. I just wanted you to see how pretty/crazy these shoes are!

Fuschia pink wedding shoes
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Sexy / Cute Feet