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Jason Gooljar

Jason Gooljar

I'm a progressive liberal on a crusade!

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#mothersday T-Shirt design to benefit Earth Day Network

The weather did not stop them from standing up for #ukraine in front of the White House.

What the UN wants to do to my guns. And yours.

  • Reba

    It is a frightening prospect isn't it?

Women of color and their earnings in the workplace.

Healthcare Is A Human Right!

  • Reba

    Unfortunately, healthcare is not a right, but a service that must be paid for. We would love it if it could be free, but the cycle of schooling, and salaries that doctors must pay from their earnings all require money. 44% of Americans do not contribute to the tax revenue at all except through sales tax. This makes the problem of healthcare very difficult for us all. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness are "rights".

Stand Your Ground Must Die

Rana Plaza: Never Forget

Rand Paul wants to "duel" unless he has to face Rachel Maddow

Wal-Mart worker has to donate blood to feed kids.

The Chinese factory workers who make your toys

Government employees on the picket line have a message for you | Jason Gooljar | WFPman #shutdown

This is what it would cost to end poverty in America. Surprised?

Meet your new $100 dollar bill America

Wind causes global warming? So says GOP Rep.

Jesus can't heal your pre-existing condition #gopshutdown #obamacare

Republicans also just shut down the Google doodle #gopshutdown

Class War Kitteh — If there’s no one being paid to watch the Kraken,...

Class War Kitteh — If there’s no one being paid to watch the Kraken,... #gopshutdown #shutdown

Shirts at the 9/11 memorial should be made in the US! Not Honduras! #1u

World Cup 2022 brought to you by slavery. Say what? #1u

Obamacare: Can you haz help paying for it? #obamacare #aca

How to gentrify humanely?

UN honors victims of slavery with new memorial.