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canopic jars from upcycled containers with kid-sculpted heads--paint the outsides and write hieroglyphics on, then place cut out and colored organs inside

canopic jars: Here I present the 4 Canopic Jars found in the tombs of the Pharaohs. They held the organs. (the heart was left in the body)

sarcophagus - to get to Tut's mummy, they had to open three nested golden shrines and then four nested sarcophagus(s)

thankful album in a 4x6 photo album -- everyone at thanksgiving writes what they are thankful for + include a photo of the individual

How to Make: Bird costume from boxes & Makedo

Could these swans be a decoration in a tiny pond in a tiny garden? For the beak, color the end of a toothpick with orange marker, cut it off, and use tacky glue to attach it to the head coil. Glue on a set of googly eyes. To finish, glue a pinecone to the pipe cleaner base, then glue feathers to the pinecone.