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The BIG toys to own in your backyard as part of the Ultimate Backyard Toy Guide!

The Ultimate Backyard Toy Guide for Fun & Active Kids

diy wood pallet projects - Bing Images Great idea for around a garden to keep the Critters out!

pallet ideas (12) - Dump A Day

How to make a strawberry pallet planter - an easy diy project that leaves you with an attractive planter that could be used for strawberries or any manner of fruits, veggies, or flowers!

How to Make a Better Strawberry Pallet Planter ~ Lovely Greens

Natural repellant for rabbits on new sprouts: 2 eggs, beaten, 2 cups water, 2 Tbs. hot sauce, 2 Tbs. ground red pepper, 2 Tbs. garlic powder. Combine and let sit for 2 days. Then apply to new sprouts.

Natural deer and rabbit repellant | Simple Life and Home

Fire pit with openings at the bottom for airflow and keep feet warm!!

Flowers for beginners - plants that grow themselves! Or just a great list of perennials for those of us that love Peonies, Geraniums, Daylilies, Dianthus, and Black-Eyed Susans. :D

Natural Weed Killer 1 gallon vinegar, 1/2 cup salt, dash of dish washing detergent (makes it stick to the weeds). Mix well, spray on weeds in the morning, rejoice in their death that evening. This works best on a sunny day.

Store seeds in Tic Tac containers

Put strawberry plants in concrete blocks to edge a garden. This helps keep the strawberries off the ground and the warmth of the blocks helps them grow.

Pallet Garden, allows for growing up on the wood fence without damaging the wood fence.

Guess I'll try my hand at gardening! Seeing as how everything is so expensive in BC...


Remember for Spring ~ Add 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt to a gallon of water and spray your lawn for a lusher, greener lawn. Epsom salt is loaded with magnesium!

How to Use Epsom Salt in a Number of Ways | eHow

Use Irish Spring to keep out #garden pests - including squirrels, deer, and mice! #DIY #organic deterrent.

DIY miracle grow - Put Epsom salts and sugar into each hole with your plant. It makes them grow larger, leafier and greener

Did you know that cornmeal is birth control for seeds? Sprinkle it on your garden and it will keep weed seeds from germinating and growing into plants. Of course, cornmeal will keep any seed from germinating, so don’t try this on your vegetable garden until your plants are established and you’ve finished planting seeds.

9 Natural Ways to Kill Weeds

Use cinnamon as a substitute for rooting hormone. It also kills fungus and bacteria at the same time. It acts more as a fungicide than a rooting stimulator. However, when rooting new growth/tip cuttings there are usually rooting auxins in the green growth of the cuttings already so no need to add rooting hormone.

Step by step: how to plant a spring garden CAN'T WAIT until I have my own backyard to plant in!!

How to Plant a Spring Garden - Someday I'll Learn

Soaking seeds before planting is an “old time” gardener’s trick that many new gardeners are not aware of. When you soak seeds before planting, you can significantly decrease the amount of time it takes for a seed to germinate. Let’s look at the reasons for soaking seeds and how to soak seeds.… By Heather Rhoades | Gardening Know How

Overdekte Kas | Covered Greenhouse by SwingNCocoa #moestuin

SwingNCocoa: PROJECTS!