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Werewolves ☾

Lycanthropy Anthropomorphic Fenrir, werwolf half-bane wolfian Rougarou Skin-walker Therianthropy Werecat Anubis, Cerberus,

Gallows - Dan Mumford - 2011 ----

Dan Mumford redraws a lupine orchestra for Gallows - News

✯ King of the Hil :: Artist Christy Grandjean ✯

Animals by Goldenwolf on deviantART

Werewolves - werewolves Photo

Werewolves Photo: Werewolves

The Loup Garou is the French form of a werewolf. This creature can change from a human into a wolf at will, unlike a werewolf, who is at the mercy of the moon’s phases. The Loup Garou also keeps his human wits while in the guise of a wolf, which makes it no less dangerous. This legend traveled to Louisiana where it became known as the Rougarou.

10 Legendary Monsters of Europe

Beware the moors.