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white subway tile bathroom designs, built in shelves with colored glass tile

Home Decor Lab White Subway Tile Bathroom Design | Home Decor Lab

Backyard hammock I would love this! A beach is beyond the grass... A beer in my hand relaxing in a hammock on the beach with my family... I sooo need this! :-)

Copper Farmhouse Kitchen Sink.

swinging benches around a fire pit

tub in shower-kids can splash and swim as much as they want! This is a brilliant idea for adults too. Whenever I take a bubble bath I end up wanting to shower off at the end. This way you can just step out of the tub and shower off.

Warm On pebbles are sensor-fitted heat-radiating artificial stones that maintain bath water temperature for a set duration.

The Bed Fan delivers a cool breeze between the sheets—without AC costs, and without disturbing your partner.

I'm in trouble!...and so is the husband! Amazing site the has TONS of ideas for each room in your house. WARNING: If you thought Pinterest was the most addicting site, think again.

31 ways to add character to your home--this site is amazing! Must remember this site!

Create a "4 post bed" with curtain rods on the ceiling