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This and That Little Crafts

DIY Tutorial: Tubular T-Shirt Scarves | College Fashion

DIY Tutorial: Tubular T-Shirt Scarves

lay t-shirt out flat (make sure you can get 8-12 circles) Use paper plate to trace 8-12 circles on t-shirt (4-6 on each side of the shirt) cut out circles cut each fabric circle into a spiral (*see how to do this in the video) stretch each piece of fabric and lay all pieces together tie around your neck and place a pretty flower pin to dress it up!

How to make a scarf | TidyMom

How to make a stiff t-shirt look and feel vintage - will shrink, so buy large: Wash 3-5 times in hot water with 1/4 c sodium carbonate washing soda 2 c salt (use smaller batch after first wash do not added directly onto shirt). Dry on high heat after each wash. Using fine-grit sandpaper, lightly swipe over logo in circular but irregular strokes.

How to make a stiff t-shirt look and feel vintage. | DIY Creator

DIY T-shirt Quilt for Hoarders - tutorial by Stacie Grissom from Stars for Streetlights. These t-shirt quilt directions are great if you have a collection of old t-shirts you don't wear anymore!

DIY T-Shirt Quilts for Hoarders

Toothpaste Squirt Lesson for teaching kids not to be rude and put down others....OMG I did this on the first day of school and it really stuck with the kids

Corkboard Connections: Teaching Children Not to Be Rude!

Kitchen Upcycling Ideas - DIY Inspired -- cool idea for up cycling the kids' mats to more upscale look, might use for floor in play area once basement finished

Upcycling Ideas for the Kitchen - DIY Inspired

Reversible wood craft blocks....several layouts to pick from! Lots of fun wood crafts for sell on this website

Reversible Holiday Blocks

If you enjoyed Shirt Kong's blog post about T-shirt Transformations, then you'll love this Buzzfeed article, which features a list of their favorite ways to refashion a men's boxy T-shirt.

Community Post: 29 Ways To Makeover A Boxy Men's T-Shirt