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Pablo Picasso | Portrait of Suzanne Bloch & her cat | 1904

Cave to Canvas, gifmovie: Pablo Picasso: Portrait of Suzanne...

Jennifer J. L. Jones, Prelude to Spring

Nguyen Thanh Binh - Vietnamese artist

  • Carole Parker

    Amazing that just because of the pose of posture I can tell this person is oriental. Amazing ability of artist to portray without details. Love it!

An unpublished HA Rey pencil drawing of Curious George from the 1950s-60s. George's adventures include going up in the air with a bunch of balloons and a kite and falling into the water while attempting to fish with a mop. Later, after the Reys arrived in the US, he lives out many American dreams, including landing an acting job in Hollywood and travelling in a spaceship

This is the artist that inspired me to start painting.

Marlene Dumas, Mamma Roma (2012)

I'm in love

Peter Paul Rubens, Infanta Isabella

Gustav Klimt: Portrait Of Eugenia Primavesi - deflam, via Flickr

Mary and Margaret Gainsborough, the artist's daughters, Thomas Gainsborough