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Organic pest control for the garden including slugs, aphids, squash bugs, caterpillars, and "leaf miners"

Add vanilla to any of these essential oils to repel mosquitoes: lemon eucalyptus, cinnamon, citronella, and thyme.

How to get rid of ticks with liquid soap and a cotton ball

Kill ants with Febreeze (probably works on other bugs too?)

How to Use Forks to Keep Rabbits out of the Garden

Smear petroleum jelly on the stems of plants to keep bugs away.

How to kill ants with borax and sugar

6 Things that'll keep bad bugs out of your garden

Lady bugs are a natural pest control. Keep more of them around by filling a 4"x1' long tube with sticks. The lady bugs will make it their home and watch over your garden.

Natural mouse repellants that really work

How to Use Beer to Get Rid of Pests - roaches, mice, earwigs, slugs, fruit flies - wow

Use peppercorns instead of mothballs to keep moths out of your closet

Have ladybugs started invading your home now that the weather is cooler? Here's how to get rid of them without killing them.

Keep snakes out of your yard by leaving hair from your hairbrush around your yard.

Burn an egg carton or cardboard coffee cup holder to keep mosquitoes away - just as effective as Citronella and FREE!

How to get rid of leeches with toothpaste

Tips for keeping mosquitoes away