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Bug and Pest Natural Remedies

Add vanilla to any of these essential oils to repel mosquitoes: lemon eucalyptus, cinnamon, citronella, and thyme.

Why mosquitoes bite some people and not others

How to get rid of ticks with liquid soap and a cotton ball

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6 Things that'll keep bad bugs out of your garden

6 Things That Will Keep Bad Bugs Out Of Your Garden

How to Use Beer to Get Rid of Pests - roaches, mice, earwigs, slugs, fruit flies - wow

Use Beer to Get Rid of Pests

Keep snakes out of your yard by leaving hair from your hairbrush around your yard.

  • joan widenhouse

    Be very careful when working around plants and shrubbery. As I trimmed my overgrown shrubs my eye caught the pattern of a curled up copperhead next to the small shrub I had just trimmed. It was just inches away from my hand! I had recently bought an organic snake repellent called "Snake Stopper". The ingredients where, cinnamon, cedar and clove oil. After spraying the repellent into the drain the snake came out. I plan to more of this product to get rid of any snakes around my house.

Burn an egg carton or cardboard coffee cup holder to keep mosquitoes away - just as effective as Citronella and FREE!

How to get rid of leeches with toothpaste