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Looks like we may get a break from winter soon. 03/27/2013

Sept. 25: 7-day forecast

Sept 25: State Temps

Sept. 24: State Temps

Sept. 24: 7-day forecast

Sept. 20: State Temps

Sept. 20: 7-day forecast

Sept. 19: State Temps

Sept. 19: 7-day forecast

Sept. 18: Current watches and warnings

Sept. 18: State Temps

Sept. 18: 7-day forecast

Severe Weather Alert Day for Sept. 18

Sept. 17: State Temps

Sept. 17: 7-Day Forecast

Sept. 13: State Temps

Sept. 13: 7-day forecast

Sept. 12: State Temps

Sept. 12: 7-day forecast

Sept. 11: current state temps

Sept. 11: 7-day forecast

Sept. 10: State Temps. Has fall fallen? Or will summer temperatures make a comeback? Find out what our meteorologists think tonight at 5, 5:30, 6, 10 (on The Valley's Fox) and 11 p.m.

Sept 10: 7-day forecast

Sept 5: State Temps

Sept 5: 7 day forecast