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things I really want to try

Turn your cause bracelet into a keychain. Cool but I'd use grommets instead of brads for durability.

Helpful tips and advice about using glass paint on glass and ceramics.

18 Free Professional Fonts. These would be great on flyers or brochures!

How to write on a chalkboard. Genius and simple!

3D embroidery on canvas; make a design with rope and cover with embroidery thread--could make letters or a monogram. Awesome affect!! I like this!

Crayon Art. this one is really cool

Fabric covered circle bulletin boards

Crayon Art... now this is even cooler than the other kind of crayon art!

sweet & simple

Basically you just put 2 CDs together - shiny sides out and set on an upside-down oven-proof cup -- oven at 375 degrees for about 10 mins or until it droops down over the cup.  This turned out silver on the inside, with the side exposed to heat a glittery white.

Sharpie a stencil on a plate. Bake at 350 for 10 mins = permanent

Dont own a projector?? This is PERFECT!! Make your own DIY overhead projector for tracing wall murals.

Softest, Silkiest Legs. I'll have to try this.

a headband, fabric stiffener spray, and a lovely little piece of lace. Very pretty

I'm totally doing this! DIY glitter iPhone charger. Mod podge, glitter, let dry. Repeat. Finish off with clear acrylic sealer.

DIY glue sparkle to charger to differentiate your's from the rest.

DIY Single Use Antibiotic Pouches

How to break in your shoes in less than 2 minutes