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Communities Worth Joining

There are thousands of online communities - some great, and know. This board highlights those worthy of checking out or joining. Add your favorites!

I’ll Never Have An Empty Nest - Scary Mommy

I'll Never Have An Empty Nest
  • Savers4Life

    @Crystal Ponti Would love to contribute to your ladies only blog share board! Our username is Savers4Life and we've followed your board. Thanks so much!

The Crock Pot Crowd - A G+ Community

Laid Back - an international network of people passionate about urban culture (music, street art, films, photography, ...)

Harmony Central - Musician's Community

Scraptivity - Scrapbooking community

BookTalk - book discussion group, book club or online reading group with thousands of members and hundreds of forums - Book Discussions, Book Reviews, Live Author Chats

Random Buzzers - Teen Reading and Book Community

Stage32 - Community for film, television and theater creatives

Automotive Forums - Gearhead Community

Gears Garage - Automotive Community

PetCentric - Online Pet Community from Purina

YouPet - Global Pet Community

PetPop - Online Pet Community

TeachersCircle360 - Teaching Community

GolfBuddy - Online Golf Community

UCubed - Social Network for the Unemployed

Care2 - Social Network for the Healthy and Green Lifestyle