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Apollo and Artemis-The model for this relief was probably a dedicatory offering on the Athenian Acropolis. Copies intended for decorating the home were produced as late as the 2nd century.Greek-50 BC (Late Hellenistic-Roman)-marble...........

A sadly typical victorian era photo showing a family posed with their now post mortem daughter, it was a custom in that era just before burial, and while it is most sad, yet it is also an understandable custom of that era in time before people could travel great distances in a quick or timely fashion for a loved ones funeral as is possible today, so at least this way ones relatives from afar, could see the beloved deceased person one last time before burial, all via a well posed photograph.

Whole family taken down by ax murderer. full story ???

Dorie Miller was born in Waco, TX. He joined the Navy as a cook and was in Pearl Harbor during the Japanese attack. He helped carry many sailors to safety and manned an anti aircraft weapon that he had never been trained to use. He was award the Navy Cross for his heroic actions and it was personally presented to him by Admiral Nimitz - head of the entire Pacific Fleet. It was the first time that an African American in the Pacific Fleet received such a high commendation.

Greek Alphabet | Greek Alphabet and Coins

Willamette Coin Club

49 years after Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act, women still earn 77C to a man's dollar. WHY would I vote for a politician who voted down the Paycheck Fairness Act? Answer: I wouldn't! And if you happen to be a woman, you shouldn't either!!

Senate Chamber Desks Planning Chart 2013

Senate Chamber "Candy Desk"