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Eyewitness accounts of genocide from survivors, human rights advocates, humanitarian aid workers, rescuers, journalists, activists and others.

Odanadi believes that no human is for sale. We rescue and rehabilitate people affected by trafficking. We bring traffickers to justice and empower vulnerable communities.

Mathias, a former soldier with the FNL, a Burundian rebel group, at a demobilization center in Gitega, Burundi. June, 2009. Rebecca Feeley/USHMM.

A man discusses his grandson's morning abduction by soldiers. Kibumba refugee camp, November 2007.

Sudan vs SPLM & Eritrea Genocide: A finger dipped in ink verifies the receipt of a family's food ration, limited to one per day. Oure Cassoni refugee camp in Eastern Chad. 2004.

2004 Genocide: Thailand vs Muslim separatists. (About 4,370 casualties)

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