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Concrete Sculpture


Secret to great LEAF Casts..Vinyl patio patch. You can find it wherever fine construction supplies are sold. Yes, straight concrete is not strong enough to make delicate leaf casts. But the additives in patio patch make it easier to work with thin and are not nearly so prone to breaking after they are fully cured. If you get the mix at the correct consistency, you don't get the oozing over the edges that Susan complains about. And what little does ooze over is not difficult to file off.

The secret to great leaf casts

DIY Concrete Countertops – The Reveal #concrete #counters

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Fill nylon stocking with concrete for the base. Create gills underneath the cap with thin sheets of metal. Sculpt a mold for the cap, and press it into WET sand lined with a thin sheet of plastic, and slowly fill with concrete. Add realism by removing small wedges of concrete along the edge of the cap. Cap mold: A circle of cloth sheeting could be draped over a bowl/balloon, and brushed with concrete. The wavy edges could be created with rolled up newspaper under the edge of the cloth.

GB craft silicone molds for candles, irresisteble to try out with cement. There were a LOT of trial and errors, and then I solved it. The Solution is to soak the molds in medium warm water with soap, it is important to include soap, it enables the quickcrete to get into those small details. Mix the quickcrete while soaking the molds, pick up the mold, shake it of, but do not dry it, pour the cement in soaked mold. Voila' : ) I will eventually show them one by one.

How to make concrete sculpture/birdbath. Step by step, photo tutorial

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Use a sponge to soak up concrete mix in whatever shape you desire and let it harden into a hardened version of what you just cut out!

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Concrete mushrooms in the garden, Thailand.

Concrete mushrooms in the garden, Thailand.

The Leaf Birdbath: Large leaf; 1 bag of sand; 2 bags of concrete; Water; Plastic wrap; Tubular concrete form; Paint or concrete dye (optional); Concrete sealer; Tools; Bucket or mixing Tray for concrete; Hoe for mixing; scrub brush; Paintbrush; Foam brush; 2 containers for paint and sealer

Making a Sand-Cast Birdbath | Garden Gate Magazine

papercrete build, papercrete About Us

papercrete build, papercrete About Us

detailed instructions for making this hypertufa trough / planter

dirty horticulture: Hypertufa: there is no cure