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save a bunch of money doing this myself for the crib.

  • Leslie Tilley

    Bumper pads are not recommended due to increased incidence is SIDS. Just a friendly FYI :)

  • Amy Storvik

    Just take it out when the baby is in the crib. Then have it in the crib when the baby isn't using the crib. Nice for decoration.

  • Gala Williams

    I read that SIDS decreases after 6 months. Wasn't really sure I was going to use this anyway, as I'd heard the same thing. Thank you though :)

  • Joan Llewellyn-Burns

    Time and again babies suffocate with their face pressed into the bumper pad. So horrific.

  • Tina Marie Mason

    I was bummed to find out recently that bumper pads are dangerous. I had to remove the Skip Hop one I recently bought.

Already created 4 blankets from this list!

I love the bum on these. Going to take the bum idea and mod it.