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Survival: Trapping & Hunting

Survival in the Wilderness: Methods to trapping and hunting wild game for survival

Lessons from Experienced Elk Hunters – 5 Things Rookie Hunters Need to Know

bullet placement for hunting elk | Shot Placement Feature | | Dedicated to Elk Hunting

Before Shooting a Turkey - Be sure you know when and where to shoot a turkey, and with which gun. In this article, we discuss distance concerns, how to prevent a mere wound, and how to take aim with a bow.

Build a Bamboo Survival Bow in 30 Minutes

Rig your homestead with these awesome booby never know when you will need to make one.

Printable Wilderness Survival Guide | There are numerous types of survival snares, two of which are outlined ...

Who's planning to make the food come to you, while you do other tasks? Trapping for Food After SHTF

How to improvise a survival weapon

Survival Skills: How to Build a Fish Funnel Trap | Outdoor Life Survival

Survival Tips, Survival Guides, Animal Attacks, Wilderness Survival. Be careful out there. All kinds of maniacs do stupid things. This warning from Field & Stream. Pungie sticks both pit and swinging. They were after hikers. Thankfully they got caught.

How to Build a Live Animal Trap Project -Posted on Jan. 20, 2014

Old knowledge, easy fish trap

How to Build a Trap: 15 Best Survival Traps There are seemingly as many different traps as there are creatures to catch, but we’ve selected...

Wilderness Survival: Food Procurement - Traps and Snares--placement and tips

Apache Foot Hold Trap- for larger game, particularly deer

Wilderness Survival: Food Procurement - Traps and Snares--placement and tips

Silverware Deadfall---This site is awsome.