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Cozy sweater and leggings- my big white one would be perfect

great idea for teaching pencil grasp from: Building Blocks Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services, LLC

Emotions are the language of childhood. try getting to the root cause. Exlore what is behind the feelings.

Pinstamatic - Get More From Pinterest

SC.1.7 Use charts, drawings, and/or graphs to share their findings with others. SC.1.10 Express ideas and share observations with others.Morning & Nighttime routine chart

Nanny 101: Routines

Morning and Nighttime Routine Charts KIT by LittleBirdsETC on Etsy, $10.00

Kids Nighttime Routine To Do Chart. (Morning routine is available, too.) sharing with parents

morning and evening kid routines

Evening Routine: Part 1 – kids evening routine printable

"Despicable Me" Minions As Superheroes - Geek - Millions of Minions | #minions

Community Post: "Despicable Me" Minions As Superheroes

"Despicable Me" Minions as BATMAN!! : O.... Pinned to show my son, a few of his favorite things...super hero and despicable me.

Community Post: "Despicable Me" Minions As Superheroes

be proactive - no one is born a winner or loser, but each one is born a chooser

More First Day Stuff!

Some of these may considered abuse these days. But I was brought up with almost all of these. We learned the consequences from them though! And we always knew our parents loved us by making us take responsibility for our actions. I would do anything to have my parents here with me now! I miss you Mama and Daddy!!

This is how my mother taught me

Spoiled kids make spoiled adults who take no responsibility for their own actions and blame others

responsibility and discipline are good for kids.. its not always about easy love, tough love is good for them too. our boys may not like our rules now or when they're teens but i'm sure they'll appreciate it and be thankful when they're older just like i did.

Whomever coined the phrase 'Terrible Twos' obviously didn't have a 3-year-old. Amiright? But thanks to this list of 8 practical tips, the 'Trying Threes' just got easier. For me, anyway!

8 tips to help you survive 'The Trying Threes'

Marble Races with a cheap pool noodle (keep kids occupied for hours.)

DIY Halloween costumes - C.R.A.F.T.

DIY Halloween costumes - C.R.A.F.T.

How to make erupting ice chalk paint - summer recipe for play!

Erupting Ice Chalk Paint Recipe ~ Learn Play Imagine

Lots of Summer FUN Activities to help kids beat the heat & stay Cool - ice play, water games, and more!